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week 7! Posted on 2017-05-21 by Justin Becker

This week started off really well, and then ended up becoming the most memorable expeirence for myself in awhile. Class started like any other session we had, we talked and reviewed last weeks lesson, how to set up a studio/booth for recording artists, then we listened to a few different types of music to get a really good understanding of different styles and elements that are put in to each type of instrumental. By the time the 2 hours of the session was coming to a close, I got a huge burst of excitment, because my homie Renzin was meeting us at the studio to record our first ever song together in the studio. He had written 1 verse for "Grindin' my whole life by Hitboy". We had about an hour and a half of time to use the studio before the next artist was arriving for their session. We got quite a few differnet takes on the lyrics till we finally got the one that had us happy for the day. I was given the homework to review the song over the next week for when Renzin comes back to the studio so we can perfect the song to how it will perfect for uploading! 

Looking forward to my second session tomorrow with Renzin, stay posted as I will be posting the song within the next 2 week! 


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