Berto Diaz

Technical Difficulties Posted on 2019-01-06 by Berto Diaz

Today I was able to sit in on a recording session that needed to be recording through the phone. There were technical difficulties on our end which caused troubleshooting and ultimately rebooting multiple things. During this time I learned from the engineer how to deal with situations like this. Although it is stressful your main thing is to think everything through and find the problem, while also talking the client making sure that they are ok and not stressing about the situation as well. 

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Berto Diaz

Nuendo ExportPosted by Berto Diaz on 2019-01-06

Today I saw how exporting in nuendo gives you multiple choices and how they could help. In nuendo they give options on what to export such as group audio, single-track audio, and highlighted or cycled sections... Read More >>

Berto Diaz

Field RecordingPosted by Berto Diaz on 2019-01-06

Today I was able to talk to some of the engineers that do more field recordings and see their equipment. In addition to that, they go out and record sound effects for their own sound effects library... Read More >>