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Week 6 1/19/15 - 1//26/15 Posted on 2015-07-27 by David Luis

Microphone Placement


Within the previous chapters you learn about what components make up a microphone. One of its most important features is the microphone’s frequency response, or where on the sound spectrum the signal is received.  For instance, there are major differences between the microphone for a vocalist versus the one you use for a kick drum.  This factor directly influences which microphones you use and where they are placed.  Some instruments require multiple microphones. When recording a guitar you simply mic the amp.  However, when your micing a drum set, the snare itself traditionally has two mics.

Placement is a crucial step before you hit that “record button”. Good placement makes for an easier recording, editing, and mastering process.  When you can avoid issues such as phase, reverberation, and background noise your final product is finished that much faster. In terms of being a sound engineer working with clients this keeps business flowing and it’s on to the next one.    


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