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Week 7 2/2/15 - 2/9/15 Posted on 2015-07-27 by David Luis


In this week’s lesson we see the culmination of the prerecording process. These concepts include planning, microphone placement, setting up, and overall your professional behavior. It is imperative that while planning your session you know the route of every wire and the input/output settings of the rest of your gear. In the studio where I am currently studying, there is a drawn diagram directly above th input shelves. Also I’ve noticed a multitude of colored wires, which avoids confusion in the recording process.

Little things like this will account for a smoother recording. It gives the impression to the client that the studio was setup for their individual sound. And for the most part things remain the same when recording a band or a solo vocalist. Making the client feel comfortable in their surroundings establishes trust. When your reputation is founded in trust, you will undoubtedly grow your client list. 

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