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Pro Tools intro Posted on 2015-08-27 by Joey Lieberman

Finally got pro tools! I've spent a bit of time with it in the past but I haven't done a whole lot of hands on work with it. These intro chapters have been awesome as far as refreshing myself on the interface and beginning to memorize the layout and kay commands. I think the most important step for me going forward is to memorize and get quick with all of the key shortcuts to minimize the time I spend just getting to the areas I want to work on in a track. From all I've seen in the sessions I've sat in on with my mentor, the more efficiently I can do what I want to do on a track, the more comfortable my clients will feel, and the more reliable in the studio going forward. I'm excited to start getting deeper into the program so I can round out my DAW knowledge, which has so far been been confined to Ableton and Logic. Though they're excellent programs in their own right, Pro Tools is an absolute necessity when it comes to professional studio work, so these chapters are truly invaluable. 

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