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Chapter 2 Posted on 2013-11-26 by Kimberly Mason

Date: November 25th, 2013

Time in: 11:00 am

Time out: 1:15 pm

Lesson 2

This chapter was about electricity. I will be honest, this was not the most interesting chapter so I was interested in seeing how Adam would teach me. We went over what the reading was about and then we were able to pull apart some of Adam's equipment so that I could look at what really goes on. We went over how electricity is the flow of electrons from atom to atom. We talked about how electronic circuits are broken down into two parts, digital and analog. We discussed what everything is measured in, resistance, current etc. We also went over how there are positive and negatively charged electrons and what happens when there are too many protons etc. After we talked about the chapter and took apart some equipment Adam asked if I had any general questions. I was able to ask him specifically about how he runs certain things in his studio, what he charges and his experience with difficult customers. He also gave me a magazine that he said I should subscribe to because it is helpful for audio engineers. I learned more about his way of business and what has worked for him and what hasn't with his experience. 

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