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Chapter 3 Posted on 2013-12-10 by Kimberly Mason

Date: December 9, 2013

Time in: 11:00 am

Time out: 2:00 pm

Lesson 3

This chapter took up a lot of time, however I am glad that I understand it now. I walked in to my lesson understanding the reading somewhat. I left the lesson understanding the information so much more. We talked a lot about bit depth and sample rate. Adam explained these two things to me like an xy axis. The sample rate is the x the bit depth is the y. This was a great way for me to visualize what this was really talking about. When I went to college, I knew from recording class that we used 44.1 sample rate and 16 or 24 bit. I finally know why we use this now! These are not just random numbers to me anymore which is fantastic. I understand that a CD is always going to be in 44.1 sample rate and 16 bit. Adam explained why some people might record in higher sample rates etc. I also realized through my lesson that even though the mp3 is the most popular, it's not the best. An mp3 actually loses some information when compressed. Towards the end of the lesson I was able to ask Adam some general questions regarding audio engineering. This always helps me relate what I am learning to what I will be doing in my studio. 

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