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Week 14 Dynamic Signal Processing Posted on 2014-12-13 by Josh Denhardt

This week was a great amount of knowledge to retain.  Dynamic range is important to understand to help keep your mix consistant over the entire span.  Compressors have always baffled me in there appropriate use in a song.  When to use them, which one to use, and how to get the desired effect for the particular sound you are looking for.  There are so many different types available both analog and digital.  With technology advancing the way it is and the sheer price of analog compressors, I believe I will only be using digital for awhile.  Working with Ryan is always a great learning experience.  He has so many different types of compressors available to demonstrate how they work in mixes he's working on.  We also used standard free plugins that come with pro tools 11 to replicate the sounds of ones he has paid for and uses quite frequently.  The similarity of how close you can get the two to sound was quite shocking and honestly very encouraging.  I was given a mix of a good band that Ryan recorded to practice mixing on.  The fact that he trusts me to work on something like that that is owned by someone else is awesome.  On to the mix....

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