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Chapter 1 Posted on 2018-02-10 by Ahmed Ali

Chapter 1 was really cool and interesting. I learned a lot about sound and hearing that i didn't know about before. Our ears work in a very unique way and the way our brain is able to perceive sound was so cool to know. Also learning about sine waves and how different number of Hz can increase the loudness of a certain sound. Waveforms was also a very cool topic. Simple waveforms and complex waveforms im eager to learn more about along the way. Mixing music using different effects such as reverb and delay was when i got excited the most in the chapter! I listen to a lot of artists who use a lot of effects on their vocals such as Future,Migos,Travis Scott are some of my favorite artists who use effects. Im eager to learn how to manipulate all of that. I can't wait till my first Session.

Ahmed Ali

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