Donald IkaptainColumbus Recording Connection

Major: Audio Engineer

My Names:Donald Ikaptain Obila

Originally from Kenya

Lives in the USA

Audio Engineer

I'm an audio engineering through Recording Radio Connection with A merisound studios.

Song writer, pianoist and producer at the Bigsound Studios in columbus Ohio USA.

I have experience in song writting and music production because I have been able to sing and record two albums. Have been playing piano for more than 10 years in different churches and concerts.

Through Recording Radio Film Connection, I have achieved and gained experience in audio engineering and also equipment set up. I'm passionate man with audio engineering and music as my dream carrier.

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Donald Ikaptain

Lesson 20 Final mixPosted by Donald Ikaptain on 2013-10-16

I was able to do mix from one of my own written and recorded  and the other from the mentors studio. Was able to use plug ins and effects that i learned in my course and now i feel to go out into the market of audio engineering business... Read More >>