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Back on the Saddle Posted on 2015-01-27 by Oscar Galvan

Had to take a good break before going back to the studio due to the holidays. I just started going again last week. This, of course, was discussed with John prior to taking a 1 month break. I did, however, continue to turn in the quizzes and homeworks for each chapter that I would have been on had the holidays not gotten in the way. So chapter-wise, I'm on Chapter 16 this week so I'm not academically behind. I'm only behind on studio time. The week right before Christmas, John told me I didn't have to come by since it was a very hectic week and we wouldn't get much done by way of me actually learning since he'd be busy tending to the clients and I'm still learning the ropes. So that week I didn't go either.

Now this past week I started back up and I'm getting back on the saddle. We had one session (3 people, two of which were recording vocal tracks) where this convenience store company that is often found in airports was doing some kind of advertisement based on allegedly true events that occurred to this woman. Did I buy the story? Not really. But the important thing was getting them recorded properly so I was there observing John do his thing. Getting it done right, although simple in theory, took a while since we needed multiple takes to complete a coherent and cohesive 90-second run of audio by the end of it.

We didn't get to continue on my track that we left off on from last time. Hopefully we can tackle that this coming session if it isn't too busy. I also have another track that is pretty much finished that I'd like John to listen to. So we'll see what happens, depending on the client schedule.

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