Colorado's state capital and largest city, Denver sits on the high plains just east of the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains. An artistic/cultural hub for the region, Denver hosts an active and diverse music scene that has produced such notable acts as folk artist Judy Collins, hip-hop/rock band The Flobots, jam band Big Head Todd & the Monsters, and pop-rock band The Fray, among others. Denver currently hosts a sizable underground music scene, celebrated by an annual 4-day Underground Music Showcase with hundreds of bands playing in dozens of venues along a stretch of Broadway just south of downtown Denver. Touring acts regularly perform in Denver's historic Ogden Theater and Fillmore Auditorium, in the larger Pepsi Center arena, and of course, in the famed Red Rocks Amphitheatre in the foothills west of Denver.

This page showcases a number of top-notch professional audio engineers and music producers who got their start by attending the Recording Connection Audio Institute in Denver, CO. Each of these individuals was trained in one of Denver's high-quality recording studios, receiving one-on-one mentoring from some of the best audio engineers and music producers in the business. We invite you to check out the individual websites of these audio professionals to get more information about the benefits of attending Recording Connection Audio Institute. Also, if you need a world-class music producer or audio engineer for your own project, you can't go wrong by contacting one of our Denver graduates.

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Checking in With Students in Denver, CO

Something our program strives to understand is "the story". Each person has one and we wouldn't a single student of one hundred different kinds. The more our mentors and advisers get to know each and every member the more we can begin to understand each other and learn to share more of ourselves.

Read a little about one such story, that of Todd Talbot (Denver, CO) and know that your story should be told someday too!

"To be honest, I don't think I ever chose music, I think it chose me. My first instrument was actually the drum set. I fell in love, before I was even seven I think. There's pictures of me actually putting my feet through my Dad?s bongos. The drums was it, I fell in love, I took band in school, all of my friends were musicians. It was almost a foregone conclusion, I ended up going to university to sturdy, left university, went to the University of Manitoba for like two years before I left and just went professional and started playing around wherever I could get gigs and I pretty much haven't looked back since. The audio engineering thing came on later, I am actually now just getting ready to turn 42 and it was only about four or five years ago, not even that long three or four years ago, that I started to develop a more serious interest in the production side of things. Prior to that I had been in and out of studios as a player and always the studio was my favorite place to be, it was like the fortress of sanctuary or something like that but it was cool to hang out there but I had never done anything really serious and really in-depth to the production side of things and was only in the past three or four years that I started to delve more into it."

"I left university after about my second year to turn professional. I started teaching some lessons privately to support the habit but I just played in as many bands as I could. I started out in original bands, garage bands and more serious stuff. I'm originally from Canada, so we toured across Canada with a couple of bands I played with. Played things like the Montreal Jazz Festival, from there I got hooked up with some people who knew producers and local record labels and was hired as a session player. That was the next evolution for me, getting into being a freelance guy. After that it was just finding enough gigs to pay the bills and keep me musically satisfied at the same time, so basically from about 1993 till the present my primary source of income has been music whether it's been teaching or playing or recording or whatever and now I can add to that producing an engineering and a little bit of writing as well."

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