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It is quite an interesting time to be alive I must say. Scientist are giving us a deeper look at the universe we live in with Quantum Computers and deep space telescopes, the emergence of artificial intelligence for the benefit of mankind is skyrocketing with new information being discovered everyday, new forms of medicine and healing have been introduced, new movies, paintings, books, and so many more ideas are being thoroughly investigated day after day. But my favorite progression of all is the progression of the creative threshold. The limitless and relentless exploration of self and what mysteries and beauty lie within so we can give another aspect of ourselves to the world in the form of an artist expression. From what I have seen, I would say we are going through the next phase in our creative evolution. More and more people are starting to take a deeper look inside them self and attempt to give the world a piece of expression that only their heart and soul can give. Now sadly, I cant say this is the case for all our fellow artists out there. But it has been a driving factor for me in my journey.  I would say.

I was about 8 years old and I was just learning how to draw when I had my first look into the oh so precious head space I like to call \"The Creative Flow State\". \"When in flow, the creator and the universe become one, outside distractions recede from consciousness and one\'s mind is fully open and attuned to the act of creating.\" - The Huffington Post. Now at the time I didn\'t realize how incredible this state of mind really was. In my little kid brain I thought I was just concentrating really hard and having fun creating. Time continued and I kept drawing more and more everyday, unknowingly stepping in and out of this head space Eventually, without much intention I realized I was starting to form some sort of pattern in the way I drew. Every piece was different from another but i could see similarities in the style of each piece. I was beginning to develop my own style of art without realizing. So i decided i wanted to get serious about this skill. Everyday I would draw with the intent to find the art that was hidden within me. I was going about my drawings one of those days and about two hours in I had a sudden moment of realization. It felt like my body was being flooded with a loving energy that fully engulfed every part of body and mind. I felt complete peace with the world around me, and my thoughts had never been so clear and nonabrasive. I realized I was in this Creative flow state. I realized I had been hoping in and out of this mindset almost every time I would draw without noticing up until this point. For me it felt as though I was completely in tune with The Universe, and it is still to this day my favorite feeling. Something about the world fading away and having a moment to create is just unbelievable to me. After realizing I had the ability to enter this state during times of creation, I started to wonder what else I could create. During this time I had also been discovering a love for sonic rhythm. Music was absolutely fascinating to me. The same limitless exploration resides in the realm of sound. I would listen to a song and get a look at the creative side that was within the musician, and I loved this! 

What sound lies within myself? I wondered. Is there even a sound within? My creative juices started flowing and I started getting that weird head space feeling just thinking about it. I felt almost as though this idea was calling to me. I felt as though the universe was pushing me to take a step into this unknown world of sound. Little by little the pieces started falling into place. Eventually I ended up with a Guitar, Keyboard, Midi Controller, Monitors and a Computer. Following the path more has lead me to a great group of friends each with their own outlook of Art they were more then willing to share to help me progress. Following the path further has lead me here, to this page with all of you, with an opportunity to learn from my amazing mentor Josh Denhardt. I\'m not sure exactly what my purpose is here today. But I would like to help the collective consciousness push our creative threshold to new heights and open more doors of creativity for all of us to enjoy.

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