Brandyn ZellmerDes Moines Recording Connection

Major: Audio Engineering

I  am a 22 year old local musician aspiring to be so much more.  The first time i picked up a guitar i was less than 3 years old.  Although i didnt know how to play at that time, I would stand alongside my father and his band and pluck the strings pretending i was a rockstar.  No more than 5 years later, he purchased my first guitar and sent me down a path that undeniably changed my life. Since the age of 8 I have been playing guitar and at the age of 14 a close group of friends and I formed a band called 3rd Generation.  As a lead guitarist and backup  vocalist we played covers locally for three years.  After those three years I ventured away from 3G to join my all family band, Quarter Inch Jack (QIJ)  in 2013.  About 6 months before I joined QIJ I taught myself to play the piano, and I came to the realization that the music industry was the only field of work that I would ever find true happiness in.  Ever since then I've done nothing but play, write, record, and aspire to be a much better musician and seek help to become a professional engineer.




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