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Chapter 4 Connectivity Posted on 2015-02-10 by Andrews Alex

Completed 4th Chapter The connectivity. it was interesting too, this chapter made me understand many things about the things which i'm using daily and that was great infrmations for me. If i have to specifcally i came across may things in this chapter like connectors that i use daily it give a detailed information about everything which i don't know too, then i studied about the Analog Signals and Voltage that is also a interesting one especially the signal flow diagram. Then learned more about the Analog Cables and Connectors and Digital Cables and connectors too. And Finally Studied about Patch Bay which i was hearing for the first time it was quite interesting i studied and got chance to work with Patch bays in the class my mentor teached me briefly about the working process about that. Working with Patch Bays are very intersesting i should say its awesome. Thats it for this Chapter looking forward explore more. Cheers

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