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My third week doing Audio Engineering Posted on 2015-08-04 by Mary Umutoni

                                                                                                                                             Aug 04, 2015


My very first time doing a blog so yayy! I thought it had to be very detailed and was going to be read by the whole world so i was scared and i didnt know what to write. Ironically i found out that i have a story to tell infact so many. So i decided to briefly journal my whole experience so far.

Let me begin with my first week which was about Sound & Hearing. It was so basic and made me understand what i was unable to understand back in grade 4. I had a few questions that i discussed with my mentor and he really helped me understand that chapter better. i also went to the studio in that week and James my mentor, would be mixing/editing. I would just throw in random questions and without hesitation he would stop and explain to me in the simplest way he can. He taught me how to turn on every thing in the studio from power, pre-amps, DAC, computer, speaker. So every time i come at the same time as him; he lets me do it and i like that.

My second week's chapter was about Electricity and it was easy to understand even though my mentor still had to explain some things to me. What i enjoyed the most is my conversation with him about my music. I played him my songs and he really enouraged me to step out of comfort zone and gave me some practical ways of using social media to market myself. This has really impacted me in a positive way because now i am soon putting my songs on youtube and itunes.

Digital Audio was the chapter for the third week and it was not an easy one. It took me so much time to understand most of the things. I would find my self going back to really understand. The comments by fellow students cracked me up though. Most of them were feeling the same i was feeling. The chapter was the hardest one so far. Good stuff in it though. Through this week in my time in the studio, i met a gentleman who is already an audio engineer and we had a conversation. I was so encouraged to be with same like-miinded people and it helps know that its okay to be myself. I have truly enjoyed myself and i am looking forward to week 4's chapter.


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