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Chapter 7 Posted on 2015-09-01 by Mary Umutoni

                                                                                                                                               Sept 01, 2015


Wow! This has been truly a great experience. I am learning so many things but at the sme time seeing how long of a journey i have infront of me. In the last three weeks i have been going to the studio and practicing mic placement. I have also had a chance to help my mentor in a session with engineering. I really want to attend as much as i can to get the best out of this. I am grateful that i can ask my mentor anything anytime and he always answers. This chapter 7 is so important especially the professional behaviour part. 

How i feel now though is that i am in a great environment where i am getting all this great information as well as experience and that i just need to do my part which is to apply what i am learning in the most possible way. I am gonna volunteer at my church to wor on the sound system so that i can be able to put what i am learning into practice. God help me and give me courage to do this!


Mary Umutoni

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Mary Umutoni

Chapter 7Posted by Mary Umutoni on 2015-09-01

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