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The endless staircase Posted on 2017-02-22 by Robert Avila

It looks a bit bleak when you consider the shelf life of a mixing or mastering engineer, based on the natural degradation of hearing range. Yes, we can control the rate we walk down this metaphorical staircase, thanks to hearing protection and understanding of risky SPLs, but we must make the most of our hearing while it is best, I've come to understand. Uncertainty about hearing impairments at different altitudes or fatigue now raise my awareness, much more than before. This is not to say, I am now overcome with worry, but I take greater care when plugging in an amp (making sure that the levels are at zero), or to avoid phatom power related pops through a PA system.


     The psychoacoustics portion of chapter one was a nice setup for the more studio-centric focus covered in this part. I definitely like how it reminded me of the straight path of how light travels and is reflected/absorbed. Now, more than ever looking at the studio's acoustic treatment is extra striking in the best way. Plus, the enjoyment of seeing the assortment of monitoring systems in place for all types of quality and power!

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