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Fourth Session at The Vibe 6-09-15 Posted on 2015-06-29 by Darayl DeMarco

Chad started working on a session in Protools.  This was a song called I'm Taking Chances.  Chad does a lot of work with a producer named Jullian,this is one of his projects.  Jullian has associates out of Nashville and some of this session has tracks that were recorded there.  The Dobro and Fiddle were recorded there, drums were recorded in California and the vocals were recorded at The Vibe.  Payton sang the vocals on this song and another from a previous blog I posted.  She is 18, and has a beautiful voice.  So talented and sells it.

  Chad worked on editing the vocal tracks, using Clip Gain and a Vocal align plug in.  This took some time and various playbacks.  You could really here the difference these edits made.  After that was completed Chad started spreading the instruments out in the stereo image.  The song has alot of strings again, and certain parts of each track are already starting to present themselves.

  At this point the song was ready to be mixed.  Channels were organized and the inputs and outputs were set on the SSL to match that in Prootools.  The plan was to take a break from listening for awhile before mixing. So finding a fresh 8 inch floppy was needed to save the settings on the SSL.  Because they don't make these type of floppies anymore, finding them can be tricky.  So reformatting older ones come into play.  This was the beginning of the end of the session for me.  We spent the rest of the time trying to figure out why the floppy drive to the SSL would not read any floppies anymore after a reformat try.  Trial and errors begin.  Different floppies, reboots and web research.  Using a Floppy Drive reader cleaner once then twice. Later on the swift punch to the drive by Chad, of coarse got it working again.

  It is more than obvious that there will  always be problems that arrise in the studio.  You have to be resourceful and patient.  try try try

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