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Seventh Session at The Vibe 6-30-15 Posted on 2015-07-09 by Darayl DeMarco

For my session today, Chad once again was working on another one of Jullians songs out of Nashville, called Rain Rain.    Chad recorded the piano at The Lodge Studio in Indianapolis.  The vocals were done at The Vibe and sung by a girl named Danielle Dees.  The song has a lot of string instruments, and also has that "Nashville" sound that is becoming common on the Jullian songs I have had the opportunity to hear.  The goal was to edit the vocal tracks and pick the best takes.  Chad used the Melodyne plug in for tuning and Vocal Elign for timing.  He added some EQ to the piano tracks.  Once the vocal edits were complete the song was configured to the SSL where compressors, reverb and eq were added for playback.  Rain Rain was now awaiting Jullians approval  of the vocals.

 It was cool listening to this song with just vocals and piano because it could have been taken into the R&B genre.

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