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Eighth Session at The Vibe 7-11-15 Posted on 2015-07-27 by Darayl DeMarco

  Tonight the band Fly South was in to do some recording.  The decision was to redo the drum tracks for one of their songs.  After a check on  the mic set up, Hunter was ready to record his drums.  This pretty much took up the entire session. The timing was off a bit on the original recording so there was some tweaking in Pro Tools that was needed on the guitar and bass tracks. With a little time left a separate tambourine track and shaker track were also recorded and Chad was able to tune the saxophone track with Melodyne.                                                                                              These guys were really nice.  Leroy plays guitar and sings lead vocals, Eric plays bass and sings backing vocals and Jake plays saxophone. Hunter had a lot of energy and is a sick drummer.  Cool Ska vibe..  

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