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Twelfth Session at The Vibe 8-15-15 Posted on 2015-08-31 by Darayl DeMarco

Tarik-Nix a hip hop artist was in adding some more vocal ideas to his song Lady In Red.  This only took a few minutes to accomplish using the U 47 mic.  After that, Chad spent the rest of this session on vocal edits.  He was using the vocal align plug in to get the voice tighter. and cut the volume on parts where there was to much breath.  Also attention was given to the "S" annunciation by lowering the volume at those particular spots.  Chad prefers to do this instead of using a D-essor because it takes out some of the higher frequencies to the entire vocal track that he would like to retain.

Once the vocal edits were done a keyboard was set up to do some Vocoder synth notes along with the harmonies.  The plug in Mophoder was used.  This added some more dimension to the harmonies.

The remainder of the session was bussing out each track in Protools to the SSL console for mixing the next day.  Each track was labeled and a basic mix was made and Saved for recall.

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