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Thirteenth Session at The Vibe 8-29-15 Posted on 2015-08-31 by Darayl DeMarco

This session was different.  Chad was checking all of the the songs from Payton and making sure each were done and ready for mixing.  On the song called No Where America  Chad had pitch shifted each track because Payton needed to sing it in a different key.  The pitching was causing some problems on the guitar track because of the mic bleed from the drums.  By using a different algorithm on the plug in helped fix this problem.

The rest of the night consisted of meeting Danelle another singer for songs produced by Jullian.  Jullian and Corey the Publicist  sat in an listened to the songs Danelle is on and decided if any other tracks would be needed on any of the songs.  Then they met and started to list all of the musicians, engineers and studios that are on both Payton and Danelles projects.  These projects span a few years in the making and are very close to being complete.  

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