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A Day in the Life- #6 Posted on 2016-12-08 by Ryan Wildebour

Got to work with that gospel group again! This time, we were tracking my fav... Drums! It was so much fun. We were only tracking one song, but it was defintely a challenging song. I believe gospel to be one of the most challenging styles of drums out there. At least, to me it is. Some of the most impressive drummers I've ever seen have played gospel! Most of the time i can't even comprehend what they're doing! But back to the session. This drummer definetely knew what he was doing! He nailed the song in just a few takes! Excluding one very challenging fill in the middle of the song. But what a great session it was!

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Ryan Wildebour

A Day in the Life- #8Posted by Ryan Wildebour on 2016-12-08

So excited to start using Pro tools on my own! I've used it quite a bit before, but I've learned and am still learning so much, I'm stoked to get into it! I'm hoping to get some of my other musically talented friends to come over and record with me! Whatever I can do to get some practice in! I have so many ideas for possible songs and what not that I can't wait to start recording!  Read More >>