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Week 15 Posted on 2015-07-25 by Kate Richardson

Week 15 sessions: Jim's voiceover, and doing a remix for a young man named Tim. Tim had this idea for a rap song with Ronald Reagan speaking in the background. Since this week was all about time-based effects, it was really fun to watch Phil manipluate the sound with effects like flanging and phasing. We recorded vocals, mastered, and worked with more MIDI as well :)

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Kate Richardson

Week 16Posted by Kate Richardson on 2015-07-25

Week 16 Phil introduced me to a DAW called Melodyne, which is one of the coolest things I have ever seen! It can manipulate your voice into what key you would like for it to be in, and it has quite the advantage over just using auto-tune alone! We also went over more MIDI and automation, what I've been looking forward to! :) Read More >>