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Monday, May 9th - 7th Lesson Posted on 2016-05-09 by Michael Francis

Today was my 7th Lesson with Joe over at Innovative Music Studios.  It seems that we skipped a particular part of editing in ProTools that Joe wanted to go over today called Vocal Lining (or Liner).  It's basically taking multiple audio tracks (3-4 choruses or 3-4 verses for example) that the artist has created and making sure they are all in alignment so it sounds like 1 verse or chorus instead of many.  Joe stated you can either do this manually or use a program called Vocalign that unfortunately doesn't come with ProTools 11.  He said that he heard it comes with the ProTools 12 version, but I will have to double check and see.  The process wasn't too difficult.  It involves placing 2 similar sections for 2 different audio tracks in the Vocalign program.  The first section will be your "Guide" or the lead section that you want the other sections to be aligned with.  The 2nd section (or remaning sections if there are multiple chorus/verse tracks) will be the "Dub".  You want use the program to make sure the "Dub" sections align with the lead or "Guide" section.  I can't practice this editing process until I get ProTools 12 and see if they already have that particular program included.  


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