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Tuesday, May 24th - 9th Lesson Posted on 2016-05-25 by Michael Francis

I had my 9th lesson yesterday at 7pm with Joe over at Innovative Music Studios.  Things are starting to get interesting.  For this lesson, Joe showed me how to record using virtual instruments and how to convert the Instrumental tracks into audio tracks.  First thing I learned was that you need to creat an instrument track and a MIDI track to record the virtual instrument.  Joe fortunately has a Piano plug-in that we were able to use for ProTools.  Once we recorded the instrument the way we liked it, then we had to Quantize it (Event, Event Operations, Quantize).  This helps to get the instrumental sounds you just recorded in line with the tempo if they're not already.  After we finished the Quantize process, then we just had to convert the instrumental into an audio track.  You do this by creating an audio track and then busin the instrument track to the perspective audio track.  Once the instrumental has been converted to audio, you can either delete the instrumental and midi track or simply make them inactive. It's defiinitely a process I will have to practice to remember, but definitely was fun learning.  


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