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Tuesday, June 21st - 11th Lesson Posted on 2016-06-22 by Michael Francis

I had my 11th lesson yesterday with Joe Hernandez over at Innovative Music Studios.  This lesson was pretty interesting seeing as how we went over a process called EQing.  We used the standard ProTools EQ (AudioSuite, EQ, EQ3-7 Band).  Joe explained to me that using EQ is a way of clearing out unwanted noise on a track after it's been recorded.  The purpose is to let the proper frequencies or sounds that you want to hear on that particular track "pass through" while cancelling out or clearing the remaining background sounds.  I learned that there's 2 types of the "pass through" process, High Pass Frequency (HPF) and Low Pass Frequency (LPF).  When you choose HPF, this allows you to clear out all the lower type of frequencies while allowing the higher frequencies to pass through.  And vice versa when it comes to LPF.  It was an enlghtening process to see how many different sounds and noises you hear in the background of a track when someone is singing or playing drums, then how clear it sounds once you remove the unwanted noise.  I'm sure I'll have fun using this and it will definitely be useful.


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