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Tuesday, July 26th - 15th Lesson Posted on 2016-07-28 by Michael Francis

Finished my 15th lesson this past Tuesday with Joe Hernandez at Innovative Music Studios.  We went over a part of the mixing process called Automation.  Joe showed me his technique on how he does a Fade Out with the MasterFader.  In addition to showing me his technique, Joe gave me a helpful tip that the Standard Fade Out time for a song is about 15 seconds.  So if I'm ever having trouble finding a good spot for the Fade Out on a track, 15 seconds towards the end of the song is a good point.  He also showed me how to create a Stereo Track from a Mono Track.  You basically duplicate the mono track, then use shift to highlight both mono tracks and drag them to the stereo track.  Something else that was interesting to see was a Plug-In Joe uses from this manufacturer called Wave.  The name of the Plug-In is called Center and Joe stated that it's a real good plug-in to use to improve distorted beats for Rappers.  A good lesson indeed, so I'll be practicing these techniques for sure.  


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