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Chapter 9 Blog Post Posted on 2016-09-05 by Donald Bearie

I finally got sit in on a full session this past week. My mentor was sent vocal track with a backing guitar track and they wanted us to create a full song from the pieces given. After an 8 hour session we were able to not only mix down but add a guitar, piano, organ and bass layer to the whole mix, not inluding the drum programing. Overall this has been my favorite session yet!

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Donald Bearie

Chapter 14 Blog Post Posted by Donald Bearie on 2016-09-21

Over the past week my mentor has given me stems to an old project and let me work on things from the ground up. I really like the hands on work that is available when I am at the studio, lately I have been able to find more volunteering time and that has been awesome... Read More >>