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Week Eighteen: Back to school Posted on 2017-12-29 by Nicholas Hernandez

Week Eighteen (November 20th&November 24th) i had just came back to class from taking two weeks off so i could move to las vegas. In the two weeks i had off, i was able to still shadow sessions and those sessions were probably the most memorable sessions ever. I got to shadow sessions that were ran by Legendary Producer James 'Bonzai' Caruso. I got to meet him, talk to him and pick at his brain so i could earn some more tips and tricks as an engineer. I met Vinny Adinolfi (from the Bronx Wanders at Ballys Hotel & Casino) and Nattali Rize (Up and Coming Reggae Artist). Vinny is an amazing, kind and genuine person. Doing work for him was an Honor. Just to meet a man that has an amazing positive attitude and have a mindset like him, that's something to love. Nattali Rize, i didnt do much talking to her since she was busy setting up for her session but she looks like an amazing person as well. Enough with the sessions, Back to my return to class. When i got back, Luis sat me down and we got straight to buisness. we went over the chapter, we re-reviewed the previous chapter since i was gone so long. After the chapter, i went back to my final mix assignment (once again luis assigned it to me early since his method is to "throw" you in the "ocean") as soon as i opened my assignment, i started working on it like i never took a break. Quickly adjusted the leveling to where i liked it and messed with the vocals. After about two hours of class time, it was time for me to pack up and go home. I left the hideout feeling amazing, ready to take on what's next.

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