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Chapter 2 Blog Post (Nathan Legrand) Posted on 2015-06-25 by Nathan Legrand

          This week in the studio, my mentor, Geoff, showed me that they mostly make their own cables, seeing as how it's far more cost effective. I watched as he soldered wires together and assembled a few cables. He explained that you have to melt off some of the soldering material onto both pieces you want to connect. This is called "tinning" since the material is commonly made out of mostly tin. Then, you heat up both ends and they melt together so that an electrical current can flow. I also learned that the color coding for wires can vary depending on what you're doing (wiring for audio vs. wiring for appliances) so it's necessary to have a meter to be sure you connect the correct wires and you don't end up with a short circuit. I've definitely only scratched the surface on the subject, but it's interesting stuff for sure!


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