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First Day Experience at The Recording Connection Posted on 2018-04-27 by Cameron Ljungkull

This is my first blog post while attending The Recording Connecting; On my first day of "Orientation", I felt like I got a great understanding of the layout of the studios and a good basic understanding of how the apprenticeship is set up. I have yet to finish reading the chapter but am excited to read/learn more. I am also very excited to be presented with the opportunity to apply/develop multiple skills through this opportunity (Photography) I am also looking forward to my first intern day this coming week and getting Pro Tools on to my laptop.

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Cameron Ljungkull

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In The Studio I am excited about the changes announced last week and enjoyed our weekly meeting! I also felt like the new weekly chapter deadline helped me complete the chapter readings faster!  In The Chapter  While reading chapter 2 I felt like the reinforcement of basic electricity will be useful as I continue my journey in audio engineering as I hope to ... Read More >>