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Rocket to the Moon Posted on 2014-09-09 by Mark Baar

I think this is the first blog here ever from me anyway. I am adding this to my daily and weekly tasks now. I have another blog a web site FB. Twitter, Instsgram, Tumblr and so on as well. In fact I am now tring to link off of this activity together. Why you ask? Well I now know enough to be dangerous. I now have passed the phase where I am fluant in Log 9 and 10, and have a terrible overall use understanding of Pro tools 10 and 11. But I have been mixing a boat load. Started a label have produced two bands. Recorded both a EP for Cd release and a Album being finished now by Rainbo records for release Oct 1st. That is classic multi-color vinyl 180gr collector stuff and the music is to my way of thinking amazing as well. 

I suppose RRF would love me shout about the program but in fact you only get as much as you put in.  And that part has nothing to do with them. "The Student Services" one to one are great and the people good. The course work is for kids, the hands on is very hard to get in any real working studio and I will come away from all of this with very little piratical experience touching any hardware whatsoever in a studio. But my goal is to get Pro Tools Certified. To be able to handle the digital work so well I can get a job because there is no other way you're going to make a living at any of this other stuff. 

 I say all that because I am lucky I have a crazy bad ass new mac tower, I have pro tools 10 and 11 commercial and real waves plug ins. So I have all I need at my desk and more than half of all that on a mac book pro I carry with me most places. So the "hands on I get" is all computer and digital based and that experience is again what I put in I can get out. But learning how to wire up a studio or run cable or really mic up sessions that are different everyday with different mic and needs for the musicians. Well I can't get that. So if I have anything to say this chapter so far I knew three years before I got to school and is meaningless. I used my own tracks to work on and why wouldn't you? I am trying to get side work even just editing wav files for experience so I can master all the Pro Tools short cuts and be fast and worth my pay. 

Last let me be clear least someone think I am a ego maniac or ungreatful. I am totally happy I am here in this program, I am glad I paid the dough and get to meet all the folks I have. I don't drop names but I hope you are as lucky as I have been in the studio you are in too. Rock on make connections do anything to touch and make anything work. And know what you want when you're done because we almost are.. 


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