Uriel Soto Jr.Los Angeles Recording Connection

Major: Audio Engineer

Grew up playing piano and keys in my dad's church at the age of 8. By the age of 16, started recording in different studios near the Los Angeles area. Always had a passion for the music and recording, Never wanted to be a Doctor!!! My dad and uncles use to play in bands since they were young throughout the Mexican regional area. I was born in L.A. California in 1982. Did the rock band thing from the age of 17 to 29, started doing projects at home for various people recording different genres of music such as Reggae, English/ Spanish Rock, Balads, Hip Hop, Oldies, etc.

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Uriel Soto Jr.

I Finally Did It!Posted by Uriel Soto Jr. on 2015-06-08

It feels good to say I accomplished my ultimate goal. I finally finished school and it feels so Good!!! What's Next?!?! I'm doing so good at ES Audio, Gotta keep up the good work by bringing clients, making more music and keep getting better and better everyday... Read More >>