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Major: Recording Program

     Hello I'm Gavin. I am originally from Northern California from a town called Grass Valley. I moved to Camarillo when I came down to attend college at California State University Channel Islands. I just graduated college on May 17, 2014 with a degree in communication emphasizing on business and non-profit. I was happy to get the degree but while I was in college I realized that I had a passion for something else that went far beyond getting a job at a desk. I really learned to fall in love with music while in school. I was exposed to so many different types all the time and have found beauty in most genres. 

     Some of my prior musical experience is playing drums for over eight years with three years of lessons. I have listened to music all my life with big influences from my older sister and my college roomate. I tend to listen to many different types of music and have learned to at least respect all music whether I like it or not because people usually work hard to produce it. 

     When I really started to listen to electronic music I felt that the gates had opened up and the flood of motivation to not only listen to more of this music but to start making it myself started. I thought a lot about this for probably a good 2 years while working at Levis and going to school. After finding out how involved making your own music really is I knew that I was going to need help getting started. I finally decided that music school would be a great choice to learn a lot quicker than I could on my own. While looking at different music schools to attend I came across this one and it sounded the best out of all of them to me. So here I am part of the recording program.  

     I am currently apprenticing at Serenity West in Hollywood with Cameell Hanna and his amazing crew. One of my favorite parts of the program would have to be how much communication is available between not only the school and the student but also the mentor and student. I am so excited to begin this new chapter in my life and can't wait to see what the future holds.   

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