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My name is Joseph Montesdeoca.  I am a new student with Recording Connection. I am currently employed with a non-profit organization called the EduCare Foundation.  I currently hold the position as Associate Site Coordinator.  I have been employed with them for 5 years.

 I work with high school students at Abraham Lincoln High School.  I’ve reached a status here where I am able to help students receive the help and opportunities that I never received during high school.  I’ve helped students get to college and empower them to make changes in their communities.  I take care of others before taking care of myself. Something that happened to me not so long ago triggered something in me to follow one of my passions that is sound.

Music has always been around me since I can remember. Waking up in the mornings I would hear my dad starting yard work with Black Sabbath playing in the back ground and as the day progressed the music selection would change up and go from Led Zeppelin, Outcast, The Doors, Lynard Skynard, to Vicente Fernandez, Ramon Ayala and ending up with Hip hop /Rap like NWA, Tupac, Warren G, and Too Short. Thanks to my parents my musical taste goes all over the Place. When it came to actually dealing with sound I was actually dropped into it by accident. I was asked by the churches sound engineer to help move some of the audio equipment to another room.


 I started to ask questions and when I finally got an answer he said he hated doing this and said YOU figure it out. So the sound person for the church quit and no one knew what to do so I took it upon myself to learn how to use the audio equipment, set up basic sound for church concerts, and do small amount of live audio mixing. The feeling you get being able to control the sound that effects the crowd whether it be with a church or crowd that feeling is indescribable.

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