Eric LycettLos Angeles Recording Connection

Major: Audio Engineering

My name is Eric Lycett. 


I started playing the guitar when i was 11 years old. I had private lessons for a couple years, and for the next few years after that, I played in a few local bands and for my local church when I was in high school. During that time, I had a few mentors who have guided me and help me become a better musician. I first started experimenting with the DAW, Fruity Loops, when i was 15 years old. It was difficult at first, but after many hours of watching tutorials i eventually became very familliar with the program and the concept of music production. However proficient i may be now, though, i know that there is a lot to be learned before I'm ready to save anyone...'s ears. That being said, during my time with Serenity West, I intend to hone my engineering skills and evlove my tequniques so that one day I can create music that will really make people feel and to one day create my own record label.