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Lesson 1: How the Fire Started Posted on 2017-03-28 by John Gaubert

     I was Homes Schooled most of my life, That lead me to be quite a geek with computers messing around with software like FL Studios 8 and 9 at 14 years old as a freshman in high school.My grandmother and older brother played the piano so of course, I took lessons as well.My Dad bought me an acoustic guitar and I started taking guitar lessons.I learned basic music theory and how to play famous riffs on guitar, but I lost interest in the lessons between Cross country, high school and still trying to achieve Eagle scout. I also changed genres a lot back then but one that always stuck was electronic music. The First time a went to and EDM Concert a saw the Skrillex At Voodoo Fest I knew that I wanted to do something with music.I never sat down and took music seriously until I moved out of my parent's house at 18.Once my brother and I Started working in Ableton together and attending more venues we just started having so much fun creating music and mixing

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John Gaubert

Warping GuitarPosted by John Gaubert on 2017-04-03

I played guitar for a few years but I still can't play on the beat after hours of practice. Luckily warping is fantastic in Ableton now I this bit sounds like Thomas Jack Gold once synced with the kicks to the right Bpm of 103... Read More >>