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Chapter 1 - What is Hip Hop? Posted on 2017-08-09 by Monty Williams

This lesson was a great overall summary of what these legends of hip hop did to push the game forward. I knew most of what there is about N.W.A. , but it was good to learn more about the East Cost where Hip Hop originated. I always loved OutKast's music that Big Boi and André 3000 put together, and to see where they got their sound from was very eye opening that you can take anything from anywhere and make it sound good together on a track. I'm excited to see what I can take from the Hip Hop community and from my local areas to make my own sound more distinguished.

It's very eye opening to see that Hip Hop didn't get to the mainstream level off of just one person. It takes a collective effort from everyone in the comminity to make things happen. In addition to the global collective of Hip Hop, I still think that Louisville has enormous amounts of talent that have yet to hit the mainstream music scene. My life plan is to take artists from everywhere in Louisville and help them to get to the top. Not just boost myself to the sky as a producer but helping others get to their main goals because that's what Hip Hop started on. Helping one another achieve their goals.


Overall, I think that Lesson 1 could go just a bit deeper on the production side and be more informal about the global expansion of Hip Hop.

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