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Ramone Griffith

Ch.17 Automation Curriculum DayPosted by Ramone Griffith on 2017-02-08

Today was amazing because I was able to practice doing automation on the million dollar sound board that we have here at Pressure Point Recordings! It was fun learning how to auto glide and auto fade during songs and just being able to manually control automation on different parts of songs instead of the whole song! Definitely looking forward to the next curriculum day and learning more about Acoustics and Monitioring as I am coming to the end of this program!  Read More >>

Ramone Griffith

Ch.14 Curriculum Day!Posted by Ramone Griffith on 2016-11-19

Today was a great session because I got to learn about all the different types of compressors audio engineers use. The cool thing was that a lot of the old compressors that were in the chapter we still have at Pressure Point Recordings! He showed me how all of them sound and the different types of compression you can get from using them... Read More >>