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Major: Audio engineer

From poet's conventions/open mics to stage productions,DeR2on is an all around artists who's art,music and poetry portrays the struggles of a child looking for his manhood in a confusing and challenging world. As a child,DeR2on saw life through different eyes then those around him, in trying to express what he sees, He found his love for the arts mainly through his love of animation and his love of music. In music, DeR2on has been influence by a variety of artist from different musical genres artist such as Stevie Wonder,Prince,U2,Michael Jackson,Aerosmith were among some of the artist that created the sound track to his childhood where he'd lived through his parents divorce,fought for his life due to an earily childhood disease and dealt with rejection issues which were all stories that wrote themselves before he even picked up a pen. It was'nt until he was 16 where he'd discovered his Passion for Hip-hop and writing poetry,Much like the artist that influence him,He saw Hip-Hop as a way to express similar messages and experiences as they had in there music, Messages such as His love for GOD and family(which was installed in him by his mother and Grandparents from a very earily age) To those that deal with the struggles of a boy becoming a man whlie trying to overcome the lure of the Street Life(all in which him and his pears continues to deal with on a daily basis)Among many others that deals with life in general. DeR2on's music is literally poetry in motion,take away MR Uncle Butch's productions and it's like he takes your mind on a journey it's never been on before.

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Derron Sims

Studio tourPosted by Derron Sims on 2014-05-15

My mentor took me on a tour of his studio. He talked to me about the diffrent rooms and what they use them for,he talked about the software they use for each studio such as Protools HD in the main studio... Read More >>

Derron Sims

Meeting my mentorPosted by Derron Sims on 2014-05-12

It was great meeting my mentor. We sat and just talked. He told me about how he got started in music in general,from the days where he started out with the pause button on his tape player to the days where he worked with Puffy(P... Read More >>