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neither here nor there, but everywhere in between Posted on 2014-12-17 by Jeff Gold

Haven't posted a blog in a while.  This past month has been crazy busy! Lots of work! School is awesome now that I am getting into the full swing of things.  I am helping out more and more at the studio, helping set up for sessions and sitting in, and learning some edit tips and tricks.  A couple weeks ago I had my first solo recording session of a piano melody for the group The Neck Beard Boys (btw those guys are awesome, musically, and as people)! 

Life has been going by fast, but I'm doing what I can to keep up.  I'm trying to learn anything and everything from anyone who can teach me something. All these guys around the studio are so smart, and have so much experience and countless stories.  It's really cool to have this opportunity to be around such great engineers.  

And..... it's Wordplay Wednesday, so you know what that means..


"if I'm on cloud nine how can i be over the moon?

and then I'm having a field day, so now I'm confused.

See thats idioms for idiots,

so i better not stttttt stammer my grammar.

Because my verbal vernacular is spectacular,

I'll kill it like a massacre

I'll be forward with words until i spin em backwards"

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