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Timbre Posted on 2018-02-24 by Clervie Stinson, IV

Met up with Michael Harvey for a brief sit down. I questioned him about the term "timbre." Timbre is the harmonic content and frequency fingerprint that differentiates one instrument from another. He showed me a few things on the piano pertaining to timbre. He also loaded a program that showed the different wave lengths his violin recorded. It was a pretty cool experience! 

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Clervie Stinson, IV

MicrophonesPosted by Clervie Stinson, IV on 2018-03-25

I've been visiting Michael Harvey at NOLA Recording and enjoyed every bit of it!. I watched him record a few jazz bands and experience magic! The microphones he used were R121, SM7B, Synhesizer MD421, AKG A112, SM57, and TLM103... Read More >>