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First Recording Connection Learning Experience Posted on 2015-08-31 by Kyran John

Knowledge is power. If there is one quote that I hold dearly in my mind it is that alone. Only problem is the lack of ability to apply that knowledge which causes a problem with having the power. The knowledge that I've obtained thus far is amazing. There are many concepts and many different ideas that I came across in this first chapter that I thought i knew but actually had no idea how much more detail went into these concepts. Such as understanding how sound truly works. How sound moves air molecules causing us to be able to hear. How complex our ears are yet even the smallest bones in our body work so intricately in order to help us percieve different frequencies. The ability to mask certain sounds and focus on one main thing and the ability to focus on many different sounds. Its amazing how these small things when clearly understood and when applied can help you as a person to become a better engineer and producer. 
I can't wait to get into the studio to be able to ask more detailed question and most importantly put the knowldege that ive learned to true use and be able to learn to manipulate sound. 
People don't understand what it really takes to make music truly amazing for others to enjoy, and I want to be that person to create that music and create sounds so intricate and captivating that people cannot help but to enjoy it.
My first studio session is this coming week. I'm going to make sure I come full of knowledge and questions ready to apply them. I want to become a great Engineer

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