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First Session. Chapter 2. Posted on 2015-10-08 by Kyran John

Last Saturday I had my first session with DG. Basically sat in and observed him mixing a session for an artist. Engineering clearly looks like alot of work. I learned quite alot just from watching . I didn't want to interrupt much because even I know how it is trying to concentrate while mixing a session. But learning the gist of protools is going to be alot of work. I've used FL Studio for so long that I know the ins and outs of it, so with alot of patience and dedication I'm sure ill get the hang of Pro Tools also. 


Two plug ins that he used stuck out to The Transient Master, and how he used it to basically sharpen the attack on the kicks and 808s and bring it more to the front almost worked wonders for me. When he told me exactly what to listen for and I grasped exactly what needed to be listened for. I was amazed at the difference it made.

It was definitely dope being in that studio knowing about how many people come through there quite alot. But just sitting there just made me realize how close I am to actually achieving my dreams if I really work hard at it. Barely even scratched the surface but I'm ready to do what needs to be done.

Also reading this chapter its amazing how much understanding how electrons work play a big role in electricity and how it manipulates sound quality. I did some research on how speakers are made and it definitely was a mind opener. I think one of these days in the near future when I get enough experience I might try to build my own speaker and see how that turns out.

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