Kyran JohnNew York City Recording Connection

Major: Recording Engineering

As a child born to two parents who both enjoyed music. Mother played the organ and piano in church. Father went to Oakwood University was apart of the schools major choir, The Aeolians. It was embedded in me to become a musician. 
My parents bought me a keyboard as a baby just to walk on, not even to play yet. Just to walk on and play around and get a feel of the keyboard. I was about 2 or years old. Of course having a mother who played piano she was my teacher. I played well for a while until i took it upon myself to slack off and feel as though I did not need to play. It wasn't until I was around 15 or 16 years old when I heard about FL Studio after Soulja Boy made Crank That, that i decided I wanted to get into music. From then i fiddled for a while until I started getting better at it. At the age of 17 I moved back to NYC from the Island of Guam and just kept getting inspired as the years went on. I went to Oakwood University the Alma Mater of my Father, and studied Music Composition and Recording. I produced for a few people hear and there. Moved back to NY and worked on music even more. Got placements with a few artists such as Logic, Boogz Boogetz, Skye Townsend just to name a few. I always knew i wanted to find a good school to learn the engineering aspect so with a little research I found Recording Connection Institute. As of now I'm working on becoming a better producer and better engineer. With time an dedication I'm sure I can become great at what i do.

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