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Some Recording... Posted on 2012-01-31 by Paul Saif

Today, i got to meet one of Damien's artists. He's a rapper with a really good singing voice, talented guy and i think he might make it big. He was also featured in the song that I auto tuned and mixed. He came in to do some rap recordings. With Damien, we set up the tracks and brought up the previoulsy recorded beats and melodies and started the recording. Damien lead the first two song recordings as i observed carefuly but on the third song, he decided to put me in charge... wtf? i was nervous as hell! and it showed. It was my frist time working straight on with an artist and i didn't even know where to start, i kept looking over for advice from Damien who would throw me a tip every once in a while when i seemed lost and desperate lol but eventually i got the hang of it and worked my way with minimum aid to the fifth song where we stoped for the day. I learned a lot and it became clear that being an engineer isn't only about knowing what you're doing in the control room but also being confident and able to show the artist that you understand him and know what he's looking for in his tracks and it took me some time to understand that and how important it is.

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