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Artist Posted on 2016-09-09 by Teresa Scholastica

Have you ever been star struck by an Artist? Not only their music but how they look, how they sound, how they act?

Persona which is closely related to brand in my opinion actually has a big impact that seperates upcoming artists from the major leauge players.

Beyonce on the VMA's - just that one performance made me want to buy Lemonade and every damn ticket to every show.

Let me tell you if an artist has great music that im into, NO DOUBT am I going to check them out and start listening to their music. But what is is about artist's over the top persona's that intrigue us so much? All the big time players like Nikki Manaj, Rhianna, Arianna Grande, Kanye, Beyonce, Future, Drake, Britney Spears, Diddy, lady Gaga, honeslty the list could go on.

I remeber when I first listened to a G-Eazy song in eighth grade (fried rice) that I just fell in love with the it. This kept on throughout the years. Once I heard the These Things Happen I fell in love. I bought it, streamed it, wish my parents would give me merch money (but never did:/) etc. etc.. The first picture (I think) of G-Eazy that I saw was either his rebel cover photo or the These Things Happen album cover. It didnt matter to me what he looked like because the music was so damn good! So im a sophmore in high school and Im trying to see him in Boston- doesnt happen, same thing my junior year and at this point i've listened to nearly every song of his. As I go through the years I notice all the album art, the videos, the music, and how it is so detailed and connected to his personality and perosna and brand.

This is very important to me perosnally for an artist to really know their brand and link all elements of what they are selling together.

But as the years go by I watch him and his perosna grow- videos interviews, music, pictures, performances and i'm in love like damn this is my favoritre artist becasue his branding is perfection.

I finally saw (and met, and yes I nearly died) G-Eazy January 25th, 2016. And let me tell you when I met him he was pretty cool, chill and welcoming guy. But on stage...


But on stage... That's when G-Eazy came out. All dressed in black with his hair slicked back...

And the way he spoke to us... They way he spoke to the female fans! (I died)

He acted sexy, intriguing, mysterious, and cocky,  but it worked. What his songs were about, the backround, the almost scary and mysterious music. The way he held a bra up off the stage and threw it behind him. The way he walked. The way he strolled across the stage with his shirt unbottoned made girls want to essentially jump him.

Just everything- The whole creepy yet mysterious fucking coolass persona of him walking through a slowly arising walkway as a shadow of darkness behind white light just to come out and stare into the depths of people that was his crowd.

That my friends, is when Teresa was hooked. 

"Im hooked dammit" I thought like I didnt want to be one of those fans. But I really fell for (Not only Gerald becasue he is talented and attractiv)  but G-Eazy, the whole shabang the whole schpeal. At this point I was so mesmerized becasue he became an over the top sex addicted weed smoking badass larger than life character which is the total key! People, fans love this! I still see him as essentially a normal dude but some people will put him on a pedestal. This happens to many celebrities because people see them and their brand and their persona as admirable and untouchable. 

I also am highly under the impression that record labels really look for this. Someone who will intrigue a crowd, someone with a personality or sexiness, to entertain and encapture fans etc. etc.

So basically that just got me fully obsessed ( but in a respect for the work and perfectionism he's put in ya know?). I was already a huge fan before but after seeing him live seeing G-Eazy live meant I was hooked.

Anybody can have good music that I can stream or buy at home. Anyone. So what kind of artist or person are you as an artist that you're going to want to make me go the extra mile or two to actually come and see you live, ya know? I can watch videos online of a performance or interviews or like pics on your instagram but it's that extra part where I know I need to see this human being live, this amazing artist, this being, thats going to make me fully dedicated.

(And this narrative really isnt speaking from my perspective but maybe from a modern teen's view)

(Becuse shoot, if you can spit or sing i'm there lol)

There are some people who are speed rappers like logic but even he has a great personality that fans love which feuls them even more to seeing and supporting him.

Sometimes the fact that branding is important is sad, but it's what people look for nowadays, so if you want to be great, make not only your talent great, but also your branding!






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Teresa Scholastica

ArtistPosted by Teresa Scholastica on 2016-09-09

Have you ever been star struck by an Artist? Not only their music but how they look, how they sound, how they act? Persona which is closely related to brand in my opinion actually has a big impact that seperates upcoming artists from the major leauge players... Read More >>