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Digital Audio Posted on 2013-08-22 by Tinamarie Linares

Analog to Digital Converter ADC - assigns numerical value to sampled amplitudes/ voltages  known as quantization.

Pulse Code  Modulation - PCM - represents sound quality- sample rate and bit depth.

Sample rate- numbers of samples per second.Hertz. (amount of pictures)

Bit depth - number of bits used to define the amplitude of each individual sample which determines with resolution with which the signal's measured. Similar to pixels in image. Amount of possible amplitude values present in the digital audio signal.

Bit - 1 or 0

Direct Stream Digital DSD - 1 bit digital audio format which uses a sample rate of 2.8224MHz.

Nyquist Theorem - limitations of sampling's ability to capture frequencies outside a specific range. . Comp samples represents frequencies up to half the sampling rate. Alias frequencies, low pass filter

White noise - quanitization noise

Signal to Quantization Noise Ratio - SQNR

At 16 bit - 1 minute of audio takes up 10MB

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